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Franchi Realty is one of the Brisbane’s most diverse property management specialists

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We are residential market specialists

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A bespoke range of insurance and financial services tailored specifically for landlords

Franchi Realty is a specialist property division of Propriety Marketing Solutions. We manage a diverse portfolio of Brisbane residential, commercial and mixed-use properties. These properties include some of the Brisbane city’s highest profile developments. In addition, we provide a full management and advisory service to property developers and investors.   Our clients include developers of new build multi-storey mixed-use properties and management companies of existing residential blocks. We also offer a premier sales service and full lettings and management service for rented property with a bespoke ‘portfolio management’ service available for corporate clients holding blocks of residential accommodation.


Franchi Realty provides a full range of residential and commercial property sales and management services for individual landlords, developers, property companies and fund managers. We manage a diverse portfolio across Queensland with centralised property services. Landlords with multiple properties under our management can benefit from economies of scale in order to maximise returns.

Services include:

  • Portfolio management for multiple greater Brisbane property assets

  • Property asset sales

  • Management of lettings and renewals

  • Insurance negotiation for both landlords and tenants

  • Tenancy agreements

  • Tenant credit checks and referencing


  • Collection and holding of deposits

  • Preparation of year end P&L accounts

  • Rent collection and redistribution

  • Development and property management

  • Quarterly inspections of property for damage

  • Maintenance arrangements


Our goal is to use our experience to provide our clients with the most sophisticated systems available in order to operate your building as efficiently as possible. We strive to be pro-active, and to share our expertise with our clients. We suggest a course of action, back up those recommendations with solid reasons, and encourage our Boards to be Decision-Makers. As an independently owned, mid-sized firm, we are large enough to provide the level of service our knowledgeable clients demand, yet small enough to offer the personalized service they deserve. We understand the need to be flexible in our approach and we are able to adapt to any situation that arises.


We possess the knowledge and skills acquired through many years of selling and managing inner city Brisbane properties. We know what questions to ask, where to turn to get answers, and how to navigate the often turbulent waters of Brisbane’s real estate. Our Executives have a deep understanding of your needs, and our back office staff are able to customize reports to enable you to fully understand and utilize them.


Our Continuing Education Courses keep Franchi Realty’s professional staff current on all aspects of building maintenance and management. Whether it is an in-house presentation on the inner workings of elevators, or an accredited course on emergency management, we take education seriously. We feel it is our responsibility to ensure that our company executives, resident managers and back office staff are all aware of the latest technologies and practices, so that we can continue to bring innovative solutions to our clients.

Clients & Connections

Franchi Realty works with a wide range of experienced professionals.