Franchi Realty is one of the Brisbane’s most diverse property management specialists, offering bespoke local services to a wide range of private and corporate clients.

Our customers are some of the most highly respected in their sectors and our client base includes some of the most exclusive addresses in the Brisbane. Our residential management business aims to develop into a market leader through a combination of outstanding individuals and investment in state-of-the-art IT systems. We deliver services to our many clients from our head office in Brisbane with regional back-up from a network of locally based offices as specialised needs occur.




  • Commercial

    Franchi Realty property management, accounts and administration functions in conjunction with our outsourced legal advisory services can provide a complete property asset management service for individual buildings or portfolios.

  • Corporate

    Franchi Realty delivers an innovative approach to property and investment management by maximising value and achieving clients’ objectives together with outstanding customer service to occupiers.

    At Franchi Realty we aim to:

    • Optimise financial returns by proactive residential property and investment management
    • Provide quality management services delivered efficiently and cost-effectively using market-leading IT systems and media platforms
    • Provide access to professional training and development to our staff so they perform to the highest standards
    • Be responsive and sympathetic to our tenants’ needs
  • Developers and Investors

    Franchi Realty offers a range of services to developers and investors, ranging from pre-planning advisory work to portfolio and facilities management.

    We can help to identify the issues which developers and subsequent purchasers can face when simple maintenance and management issues are overlooked during the design and implementation stages of development. Early planning based on experience can maximise efficiency and ultimately value for the developer and the client.

    Our experience of dealing with freehold management and large scale institutional investors, allows Franchi Realty to advise on optimum lease structures, general terms to maximise value, whilst safeguarding the developer and leaseholders positions following completion.

Residential block

Our proactive and inclusive approach to block management seeks to both preserve and enhance rental and capital values within the building.
As no two developments are the same we offer comprehensive services that are tailored to meet the individual requirements of each block. We have developed our core beliefs and service standards through our own experience as developer, tenant, landlord and agent, and constantly strive to improve values and standards.

Services include:

  • Managing a company’s finances
  • Preparation of annual budgets
  • Submission of accounts
  • Regular site visits
  • Collection of building rents
  • Arranging and attending residents meetings
  • Compliance with current landlord and tenant legislation
  • Forecasting and managing long-term planned maintenance
  • Emergency repairs
  • Compliance to health and safety and fire risk legislation
  • Arranging buildings and contents insurance
  • Mortgage enquiries and facilitation

We are also able to provide a range of additional bespoke services according to the requirements of your block, for example, out of-hours repairs service, caretaking, repairs and maintenance.


If you are unfamiliar with the services of a property management company, please get in touch. Our team will be happy to help you however, some of the most commonly asked questions are answered below. More detail is given in the guides, which are available to download below.

  1. 1
    Why do I pay a building charge?

    Your building charge is your legal apportionment of the share of the costs of maintaining and insuring the communal areas of your building in accordance with the terms of your property. Typically this may include such costs as the cleaning of communal areas, ground maintenance, lift maintenance, repairs and maintenance within the communal areas and which may also include sections of the building that you do not directly benefit from the use of.

    The body corporate will detail the specific items which are included in your building charge.

  2. 2
    How is the building charge calculated?

    The body corporate prepares a budget for your property each year according to the criteria set out in the individual leases and based on a review of the expenditure for the previous year and any proposed expenditure for the forthcoming years.
    A provision might also be made for cyclical repairs of building fabric and items such as internal or external redecoration and also future, unforeseen expenditure. This is known as a reserve or sinking fund. The budget is then usually discussed and mutually agreed with representatives of your Management Company or Residents Association before the start of the budget year.

  3. 3
    How do I know what my building charge is spent on?

    At the end of each year, statements are prepared by an independent accountant showing income and expenditure for the block.
    These statements are circulated to all property owners by the body corporate agent.

  4. 4
    How do I pay my building charge?

    The best way to pay your building charge is by direct deposit on receiving an invoice. The invoice may stipulate that it is to be paid quarterly or annually in advance. You can request copies of invoices from your body corporate, or contact us here at Franchi Realty.

  5. 5
    What happens if I don’t pay my building charge?

    Under the obligations of your strata you are required to pay your building charge and may face legal proceedings if you fail to comply.
    If you are experiencing difficulties keeping up your payments please contact your Body Corporate Manager or Franchi Realty at

  6. 6
    What should I do if I want to discuss a maintenance issue?

    Please email or call us, as naturally we are only able to deal with issues that we are aware of.
    To report a fault please contact our Repairs Desk at

  7. 7
    How does Franchi Realty charge for services?

    Franchi Realty charges an annual management fee, which is detailed in the body corporate budget, approved by representatives of your Body Corporate or Strata Company or Residents Association. [ Click Here ] to request a MANAGEMENT RIGHTS Advisory Service PDF guide.